The Walking Dead season 5

MAGAZINE SERIES: Virginia “Pepper” Potts

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Katniss Everdeen + Sassy moments.

Any association with the Mockingjay symbol is forbidden.


hannibaladies meme : [1/5] ladies
↳ Margot Verger

I blew all my covers, I gotta go figure out a new one.

  • me: what a beautiful day
  • me: [closes blinds to see computer screen better]

You look pretty rockin’ to me, Dean Winchester.


Very first word I ever said to you… trapped in that cellar, surrounded by shop window dummies… oh, such a long time ago. I took your hand… I said one word, just one word. I said: run!

evacampbells asked top five doctor/rose handholds

He wondered if, in the great body of humankind, in the minds of men set on civilisation, the vicious urges we control in ourselves and the dark instinctive knowledge of those urges function like the crippled virus the body arms against. 

He wondered if old, awful urges are the virus that makes vaccine.